IT Support for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Need IT Support from a Company that Understands the Needs of Small to Mid-Size Businesses?

Everyone loves to work with small to mid-size businesses. They are the bedrock of every community across America.

Working with you makes your customers feel like they are doing business with a trusted friend, and that small-town feeling helps you create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty and keeps customers coming back again and again.

Can My Technology be Tailored to My Business Workflow? – Yes

Small to mid-size businesses require something different from their IT support. Generic software designed for large scale operations is often a poor fit, leaving you with less functionality than your company requires to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

You need a customized IT support strategy which hits the high points of your technology needs while still falling within a reasonable price point for your budget.

Why Choose Setton Consulting for Your Small to Mid-Size Business?

  • Customized IT strategy to fit your specific business and field of expertise
  • Experienced, professional IT specialists with an understanding of your industry
  • Budget-friendly pricing available in affordable, monthly installments
  • 24/7 help desk support to answer your questions promptly each time you call
  • Executive-level IT consulting to assist with upcoming technology decisions
  • Streamlined IT assets to improve workflow and efficiencies
  • A partnership based on strong relationships, integrity, and trust
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity backed by continuous monitoring to unearth and reinforce potential risk zones
  • Total IT management and maintenance

What IT Services Does Setton Offer Small to Mid-Size Businesses Throughout New York City?

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Managed IT Services Plus Hardware – providing you with the complete package: IT support, computers, servers, endpoints, and firewall
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • Cabling – working with design and implementation of your network cabling
  • VOIP Communications – providing you with modern business telephone functionality delivered over the new internet infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Services – leveraging cloud potential to save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility
  • Networking Services – using the latest in high-level networking technology and support to keep your business running

Are You Tired of Hearing the Same Old Promises from IT Companies That Never Follow Through?

We get the job done!

Setton Consulting prioritizes working with small to mid-size businesses just like yours. We take great pride in crafting the ideal IT environment that is optimized for the work that you do.