How Can I Secure and Globally Access Our Design Data at the Same Time?

Meeting the IT Support Challenges of Apparel and Manufacturing Companies

Information Technology has transformed multiple industries over the last three decades. The Apparel and Manufacturing industry is not an exception.

The internet is drastically changing the way consumers search and shop.

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software changed the way the design process was done. Cloud-based solutions such as Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Inventory Management, and Collaboration Suites have positively affected several processes in the design, manufacturing and sales stages.

Companies that can embrace technology and use it to gain a competitive advantage can improve their processes and their bottom line.

That’s where the Setton Consulting Group steps into the picture. We have the ability to provide you with the seamless, secure, integrated IT environment you need at all stages of your design, production, inventory, and sales cycle.

How Can Better IT Support Help Your Apparel Design and Manufacturing Firm?

The key word is “efficiency.”

When you’re not bogged down with tech problems and shut down because of IT downtime, you can get more done, more quickly.

But that’s not where efficiency ends. With the right IT integration, automation, and preventative maintenance, you can gain those few extra percentage points of productivity.

  • Faster time to market and reduced design and production cycles
  • More secure collaboration here in NYC and globally
  • Faster implementation of new concepts in products
  • Enhanced and personalized interaction with customers
  • Fuller utilization of capital and human resources
  • Process optimization to eliminate unnecessary, redundant, or wasteful activities

What Does Technology and IT Support Bring to the Table?

Improved Communication

Communication with designers and suppliers is crucial. Hundreds of files containing designs and specifications are sent and received in each design and manufacturing cycle. Having a way to implement a secure and cost-effective communication platform can be a game changer.

Voice over IP (VoIP) and Cloud-based productivity and collaboration suites dramatically decrease implementation time and the complexity of managing your internal processes.

Security has to remain a top priority in communications. Securing the communications channels and the file repositories is critical to avoid any leaks that can jeopardize the success of a future product.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers are more informed and demanding than ever. They demand faster delivery times, higher levels of personalization, and real-time customer support services. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help companies in the apparel industry provide a better customer experience. Modern CRM solutions offer a 360-degree view of the customer and can integrate with social media platforms to identify key elements of consumer behavior. This enables businesses to respond to customer inquiries and requirements faster and with a higher degree of personalization.

Improved Inventory Management

Keeping the right stock to match customer demand is critical. Inventory management systems can track the current stock levels for each product and provide valuable insights. Let Setton Consulting show you how modern inventory management systems can be integrated with point of sale solutions to keep the stock updated in real time as purchases are made.

What Other IT Support Options Does Setton Consulting Provide to Apparel and Manufacturing Firms in New York City?

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Managed IT Services Plus Hardware – providing you with the complete package: IT support, computers, servers, endpoints, and firewall
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • Cabling – working with design and implementation of your network cabling
  • VOIP Communications – providing you with modern business telephone functionality delivered over the new internet infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Services – leveraging cloud potential to save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility
  • Networking Services – using the latest in high-level networking technology and support to keep your business running