Complete IT Care – Managed IT Services for NYC Businesses

Have You Had Bad IT Support Experiences that Negatively Impacted Your Business?

We’re sorry that you’ve had those experiences, and we promise not to be “just another IT support provider.”

We understand your predicament.

We’re here to help, and we won’t settle for anything less than results that make a positive impact in your daily work processes.

Let us make sure your IT systems running efficiently with the built-in redundancy to withstand localized disasters and minimize costly downtime.

Don’t Have the Internal Resources to Deal with the Deluge of Technical Issues You Face?

Modern small and mid-sized businesses deal with a deluge of technical issues without the matching resources and personnel to tackle them. This situation puts undue pressure on existing systems – leading to breakdowns, sluggish networks, loss of workforce productivity, dwindling revenues etc.

Managed IT Services is the answer – providing businesses with a scalable and economical alternative.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is an IT support strategy that provides continuous, comprehensive IT maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring within a stable, monthly subscription payment.

Managed IT Services is the IT support strategy that puts you in charge. The solutions eliminate the guesswork and adopt proactive IT support, maintenance, monitoring and security instead of the usual break/fix model. Pricing is predictable – with transparent monthly subscription payments that cover everything – and puts an end to surprise break/fix bills. It’s that simple. A single monthly fee covers everything!

  • Predictable costs: Services are provided on flat-rate, easy-to-budget plans based on specific client needs. This eliminates the guessing games and fee surprises, turning what would usually be an expensive capital expense into an affordable operational cost.
  • Reduced downtime: Proactive systems monitoring and maintenance helps in identifying problems before they impact your business and frees your employees to focus on their tasks instead of IT issues.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: Ability to cherry-pick on specific solutions that solve your unique business needs with the added benefit of scaling up or down depending on business trajectory.
  • Fortified Expertise: A full team of specialists as your dedicated IT partners, providing support to employees when they need it and offering boardroom-level IT advice on business growth decisions.

Setton’s Pro-Business IT Support Services for New York City Businesses

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Managed IT Services Plus Hardware – providing you with the complete package: IT support, computers, servers, endpoints, and firewall
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • Cabling – working with design and implementation of your network cabling
  • VOIP Communications – providing you with modern business telephone functionality delivered over the new internet infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Services – leveraging cloud potential to save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility
  • Networking Services – using the latest in high-level networking technology and support to keep your business running

What Can I Expect? – Working with Setton Consulting

We keep it simple. Choose the level of support you need from any of our affordable, customizable monthly packages, and we’ll get to work.

Our onboarding process is a walk in the park too and is made up of three simple steps.

  1. Discovery – Assessing current systems and IT assets to identify issues, bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  2. Documentation – Collaboratively working with your team to document and address some of the identified concerns while planning a strategic course of action
  3. Deployment – Deploying and activating the tools needed to facilitate proactive monitoring and management of your IT systems

Your Business Deserves Dependable New York City IT Support

Let us ease your technology-induced pain points and eliminate the hassle, complexity, and guessing games – so you can focus on what’s critical to your business.