Managed IT Services Plus Hardware

Don’t Want the High Capital Cost of Replacing Your Tired, Old, Clunky Hardware?

Let us show you a better way. – Managed IT Services Plus Hardware

Is your business suffering from constant downtime, breakdowns, and systems lag that lead to loss of productivity and revenue?

We’ll set you up with a hardware and IT Support solution that works for you.

Shoestring budgets sometimes push small and mid-sized businesses to hang onto old, outdated IT hardware that puts them at a disadvantage. Persistent computer malfunctions, network lags, and systems breakdowns end up costing you more and leave employees frustrated and unproductive.

Setton Consulting offers quality IT computers, servers, and networking devices within our easy-to-budget Managed IT Services plans that ensure you have the latest, cutting-edge hardware you need to run your business operations full throttle.

We provide you with all the devices you need to run your business; including servers, workstations, routers, NAS devices, switches etc., and keep refreshing them before they become obsolete at no additional expense to you.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is an IT support strategy that provides continuous, comprehensive IT maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring within a stable, monthly subscription payment.

Reap the Benefits of Managed IT Services Plus Hardware Solution

  • Guaranteed quality with only the best and most trusted IT hardware brands
  • Latest high-performance computer hardware at a fraction of the cost
  • Elimination of huge capital expenses for IT hardware
  • Peace of mind that if any piece of hardware fails you’ll get an immediate replacement

What Hardware Brands Does Setton Work Provide?

We thoroughly vet new technology as it comes on the market to see what will work best for our clients. Some of the brands we’re currently leveraging for our clients are:

  • Dell Computers
  • Dell Servers
  • HP Switches
  • Cisco Meraki Firewalls
  • Cisco Meraki and Ubiquity Access Points

What Other IT Support Services Does Setton Consulting Services Offer to New York City Businesses?

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Managed IT Services Plus Hardware – providing you with the complete package: IT support, computers, servers, endpoints, and firewall
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • Cabling – working with design and implementation of your network cabling
  • VOIP Communications – providing you with modern business telephone functionality delivered over the new internet infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Services – leveraging cloud potential to save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility
  • Networking Services – using the latest in high-level networking technology and support to keep your business running

Take your business to the next level by deploying the latest, cutting-edge IT hardware, giving you a competitive edge and the much-needed boost in productivity!