Today’s accounting world runs on data. There’s a vast, complex infrastructure of connected devices. From financial records to tax returns, all this data must be kept safe and available to those that need it. As our world comes to depend more on information stored in massive data centers, new technology springs up to make the whole process work more smoothly.

Is the Cloud Really Safe?

Most of the accounting world has asked this question. After all, your firm is responsible for taking care of important financial documents for individuals as well as large corporations. What if that data falls into the wrong hands?

Though many industries have accepted the cloud as a safe place to store data, it’s understandable that the accounting world might still have questions. There are lots of pros and cons to cloud storage, but for every accountant and financial professional, the bottom line has to be security. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheaper, is it really safe enough?

Will We Have Control Over Our Data?

Another concern is control. Lots of company owners have an issue if they think they might lose control over their data. Since it’s such a huge part of who you are as a business owner, it only stands to reason that you might be stressed out at the thought of giving up control. However, if you’re working with Setton Consulting in New York City, a strong managed services provider that you can trust, you can also trust us to take care of your data. That’s our primary responsibility as a cloud provider. If you have questions or concerns, then voice them to Setton Consulting, and we’ll be happy to help!

How Hard Is The Migration Process?

So you’re thinking about moving to the cloud? Lots of accounting pros are going in this direction. But how is this going to affect your daily operations? Will the migration process take a lot of time? Will you lose access to your data for any long periods of time? There are lots of questions like this on the minds of business owners when they think about moving to the cloud.

Setton Consulting understands all these worries and they can plan your migration to occur at night or over the weekend when your business is closed. Before anything is moved, Setton Consulting will put together a comprehensive migration strategy so you’ll know what’s happening and when. You and your staff will be completely in the loop and aware of what’s going on at all times.

Can You Tell Us More About the Cloud?

Sometimes the more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be with new technology. Everyone was wary about computers when they were first invented. Were they just some cool new novelty? Would they be around in 10 years? Lots of business owners stood in the background and said, “Well, let’s just see how this goes. Then we’ll decide if we want to get these new-fangled computer gadgets.”

Fast-forward 40 years or so. Today, no one could imagine a world without computers. Everything we have is on our computer including passwords. Many experts believe cloud computing will be like this. In a few years, everything will be in the cloud and all industries will be fully invested in this technology.

Can We Collaborate With Team Members?

Your documents are updated in real-time in the cloud. Plus, you can share docs with team members. What if you’re struggling with a financial report and you need help from someone you work with?

Sharing and collaboration are so much easier when using the cloud. You and other employees can work on the same tax return. If you go on a business trip, you can still work on client documents. You can take advantage of waiting at an airport or anytime you have a few moments to spare. That ability to work from any location or device is a real bonus for financial professionals. All you need is a secure internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Will Our Data Be Backed Up?

What if your office is flooded overnight by a busted pipe? What if a tornado blows the roof off your building and all your computers are damaged? Will your data be safe? Computers and servers can be replaced but all those documents that you’ve created and accumulated over the years—those are irreplaceable.

Recently, a medical clinic was hit with ransomware and they decided NOT to pay the ransom. That’s a big gamble and they did not have their data properly backed up. The cyber thieves destroyed everything so the clinic was forced to close its doors. This can ruin your reputation and put an end to your dreams of being a business owner.

With the cloud, Setton Consulting will make accurate backups of your data each and every day. We will test those backups to make sure they can be recovered. If you have a catastrophe, Setton Consulting can restore all your data. Your business might be down for a few days, but you can recover completely. That’s the greatest difference in companies that go ahead and prepare for the worst.

A wise business owner prepares for these types of events. We all hope hurricanes and cyber thieves will go someplace else, but there’s too much at stake to take a chance. You need a reliable cloud provider who will be able to come in and get your accounting firm back up and running before any permanent damage is done.

How Else Can The Cloud Help Our Accounting Firm?

Your accounting professionals can focus on the work at hand. You can stop worrying about technology. If you have critical issues, just notify Setton Consulting, and we will handle things. This reduces lost time from software failures, computer errors, and other technology hiccups. The cloud allows accountants to focus on what they do best and leave the technical difficulties to the professionals.

Ready to Migrate?

There’s no doubt that the cloud offers some exciting advantages. But finding the right cloud provider is an important element. Work with someone who has the experience and the skilled technology experts on board—people who will stand behind their promises. Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. However, it’s important to choose the right cloud partner, like Setton Consulting, who will be as thorough at our jobs as you are at your job.