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Setton Consulting was founded by Michael Setton in 2010.

His interest in IT began from quite an early age, already tinkering in the field when he was just a teenager.

Right after finishing High School, Michael started working for a Managed Service Provider, later starting his own business in the same field.

At the start, Setton Consulting grew mostly through referrals from satisfied customers and soon, took off.

NYC IT Support Provided By Setton Consulting

Here are some of the most common questions about Setton Consulting Group.

Why Do You Work in Tech?

Because we love technology and solving business challenges with IT.

Technology gets old and breaks down, and new technologies seem to come out every other day. We help you sort through the good, the bad, and the ugly – providing you with the best for your workflow.

What, Why, and How? – We like figuring these things out.

We love seeing how technology changes and implementations can completely change how a business operates.

It’s very exciting and satisfying to see something that we have built work well for the clients.

What Legacy Do You Want To Leave?

We never want to lose a client. But if we do, the new support provider should come in and say, “These guys did a fantastic job.” Secure, stable IT environments that allow companies to thrive is the legacy we want to leave in the IT space.

What Makes Your Team Unique?

We strive to create a company culture that is cohesive and collaborative. We strive to be a team that puts clients first and delivers robust IT environments.

Who do we want to work with? – Are you our kind of client?

Our ideal clients are genuine and straightforward people who don’t beat around the bush — people who are good to their word.

But more than that, we’re looking to work with business leaders who understand the value and convenience that technology and IT services provide for their organization.

Are You A Corporate IT Company or a Franchise IT Support Provider?

No. We’re a local, family-owned boutique IT support firm.

We understand that we aren’t the biggest or the fanciest company out there. But we go above and beyond for our clients and focus on providing a personalized experience.

You’ll know the Setton Consulting engineers by name. You’ll like our technicians. They are a friendly and fun group of IT support professionals.

At the end of the day, whatever you need from us – we’ll get it done for you. We’re not going to leave you hanging.

And we are proud to say, once we do something, we do it right. It’s not going to break in a few weeks and require you to fork out even more money.

Our rates are reasonable and we charge a flat fee. There will be no hidden charges of any kind. What you see is what you get.

Can you take care of industry-specific IT care requirements?

We certainly can! We work with companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Setton Consulting was made with IT-dependent businesses like yours in mind. With our roster of comprehensive services, we provide a One-Stop-Shop for all your IT needs.