Network Cabling, Telephone Cabling & Low Voltage Cabling Services

Do You Connect Smoothly to Your Customers? Are Your Computers Running Without Connectivity Issues?

Having a reliable computing infrastructure is crucial in our digital age. Setton Consulting fully understands the importance of reliable and fast-running computer networks. As your trusted Information Technology team, we have cable installation experts that are fully-licensed and qualified in the state of New York.  Our cabling team will be responsible for assessing all your cabling and wiring needs and make the proper installation.

We provide the data cabling, network infrastructure services and reliable IT managed services throughout New York City.

Why Does Your Business Need Properly Wired Infrastructure?

You cannot maintain an uninterrupted service without a comprehensive and all-encompassing IT and networking strategy. A poorly organized computing network can hurt your business and increase costs in the long-run. Broken cables and poor connections not only prevent your network from transmitting data but also can result in interruptions that prevent your customers from reaching you. Setton Consulting provides you with the means and the experts to build and maintain a properly wired infrastructure for your NYC business.

Do You Need Expert Help for Low-Voltage Cabling And Wiring? – Can’t Any Electrician Run These Wires?

You definitely do not want to set up a network without network mapping and proper cabling as this may ruin your business. Low voltage cabling and fiber optic cabling require expert installation services because these are not the high voltage cables you pull through holes in concrete. Low voltage cabling requires delicate treatment and licensed electricians who know the difference between high voltage cabling and low voltage cabling. Setton Consulting employs cabling professionals that not only know the difference but are also able to plan the most efficient map for your computing infrastructure.

Why is Structured Cabling Important to Your New York Business?

Consolidating your multiple wiring systems into a single infrastructure is important as it saves you money, makes you more flexible, and enables you to move data in various formats. When you have a professional plan for your cabling, you also have less downtime and greater flexibility for your business activities. A simplified system for your cabling and wiring pays off in the long term as you minimize maintenance costs and reduce data communication interruptions.

Why Are Managed IT Services a Good Solution for Cabling And Wiring?

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based IT support strategy that includes all the IT management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring your business needs within one monthly payment.

Installing your cables is just the beginning of a long networking journey. New hardware will arrive all the time, and all hardware needs replacement at some point. Maintaining your hardware and networks can be a painful task for any small and medium-sized business in the New York area. Enterprise networks are getting increasingly complex and sophisticated and so is the cabling and wiring maintenance. Setton Consulting Group offers you the Managed IT Services you need to maintain your hardware and keep your costs low.