CCH Axcess Tax For Your Accounting Firm

CCH Axcess Tax has a lot to offer smaller accounting firms in the market for a corporate-level solution.

What Does CCH Axcess Tax Have To Offer My Firm?

CCH Axcess Tax from Wolters Kluwer is a great option for small to mid-sized accounting firms looking for a completely cloud-based tax solution. It offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and a wealth of features that help make creating, organizing, and filling returns a smooth process.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the program’s highlights:

System Navigation The interface screen resembles Microsoft Office, which makes getting the hang of the program a breeze. You’ll find familiar features such as an easily customizable Quick Access Toolbar that will let you configure CCH Axcess Tax to best suit your needs. The product’s dashboard lets you easily track all related projects and tasks, and also provides quick access to client documents and tax return notes, which can be assigned to a specific staff member.

Organizers can be created for both current and new clients. These organizers are designed to collect all related tax information for existing and new clients for the current tax year. You have the option to print or email the organizer to the client, or upload them to the client portal for the client to access online.

Additionally, CCH Axcess Tax uses autoflow technology to automatically identify and import of all client files directly into the tax return being prepared. The file is then bookmarked as a PDF and saved to CCH Document, where authorized persons can access the file when necessary.

Multiple Support Return Types – CCH Axcess Tax offers five return types: Individual, Corporation, Partnership, Fiduciary, Employee Plans and Non-Profit, each with color-coded data entry available for easy identification. When preparing a return, you can easily access all related worksheets and schedules, and the completed tax return from a single screen. You can also utilize multiple screens simultaneously to get a complete view of all of these documents at once.

The program supports all U.S. tax returns including 1040 Individual, 1065 Partnership, 1120 Corporation, 1120S Corporation, 1041 Fiduciary, 706 and 709 Estate and Gift Tax, and 990 Exempt Organizations. Last year’s returns can also be prepared if necessary, and you can easily roll forward last year’s totals to get the current year forms started.

CCH Axcess Portal – CCH Axcess Tax integrates with the CCH Axcess Portal, allowing both you and your clients to send and receive documents and other correspondence with complete confidentiality. Once you give portal access to a client, they will need to create their own user name and password in order to use the portal. This product also integrates with CCH eSign, which allows clients to sign documents electronically.

CCH Axcess Tax Online – CCH Axcess Tax offers e-filing for all supported federal, state, and local forms, and you can easily check the status of any e-filed returns, including alerts or rejections. CCH Axcess Tax also links to CCH IntelliConnect, a web-based application from Wolters Kluwer that offers complete tax research capability which lets you easily research a variety of topics without leaving the application to help answer tricky questions or fix problems with a client’s return.

A variety of help and support options are available to users, with solid help functionality available throughout. You can also easily access a searchable knowledgebase for additional information on product features. Product guides, user videos, and a community user forum are also part of the help and support offerings. CCH Axcess offers telephone, email, and chat support, and this support is included in the cost of the application.

CCH Acxess Tax and Microsoft Office – A definite bonus of CCH Axcess Tax is that the product offers complete integration with Microsoft Word. This allows you to complete and customize any client correspondence directly in the application.

Premise-Based vs. Cloud Based

CCH Axcess and CCH ProSystem fx share most of the same features, the main difference between the two being that CCH Axcess resides on the cloud, and CCH ProSystem fx is an on-premise solution. The modules found in each suite of applications are designed to integrate with one another, offering a complete tax compliance solution regardless of which deployment method you choose.

Additional CCH Axcess modules available include:

  • CCH Axcess Document  providing centralized document management and storage
  • CCH Axcess Workstream an automated workflow solution that offers complete project management and due date tracking
  • CCH Axcess Practice  which offers complete time and billing capability
  • CCH Axcess Portal which as previously mentioned provides easy communication and document sharing capability between firms and their clients

There are also several CCH ProSystem fx applications:

  • CCH ProSystem fx Scan
  • CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management
  • CCH ProSystem fx Document


CCH Axcess Tax is a good fit for small to mid-sized accounting firms that are in the market for a cloud-based application that offers hassle-free integration with other Wolters Kluwer products and services. CCH Axcess is subscription-based, with user needs and the number and type of applications purchased factoring into the overall price.