Tired Of Being The Office Manager And The IT Manager?

Office Manager is a job title that comes with a lot of responsibilities and more than enough to do in a day to keep you busy. With so much on your plate already, the last thing you want is to routinely find yourself wearing the IT Manager hat, too.

Office Manager and IT Manager

What Happens When You’re Left Picking Up The Slack?

When something goes wrong with a piece of technology, employees will bring the problem to you to be solved. Ideally, you can accomplish that with a single phone call to your IT provider. Contact their office, open a service ticket, and leave the rest to an IT technician. Simple as that.

Unfortunately, that’s not always your reality. This scenario plays out more along the lines of contact their office, be placed on hold or sent to voicemail. Keep trying to reach them. Get through or get a call back hours later, only to be told that all of their techs are busy and they’ll send someone over when they can – which could be in a few hours or a few days. Once someone does arrive, you have to hope that they fix the problem on the first try, otherwise you may find yourself starting the whole frustrating process all over again.

The biggest problem with this scenario is the waiting. The longer you wait, the longer the business goes without use of or access to systems, applications, and data that are necessary for employees to do their jobs. Which inevitably means you find yourself trying to fix the problem yourself. Depending on how much technical knowledge you have, this can lead to more problems just as easily as it can solve the current one.

Modern business technology is more complex than it was even a decade ago, so the likelihood of you ‘breaking’ something while trying to troubleshoot a problem is a lot higher. Something as simple as unclicking the wrong box in a pop up window can leave you with an even bigger headache to contend with.

A lack of responsiveness or reliability from your IT provider also means the task of installing new hardware or software will fall to you more often than you’d like, and with unpredictable results. On top of that, IT projects that would benefit immensely from professional planning and implementation get put on hold because you can’t seem to schedule a time for the work to be done that won’t be disruptive to business operations.

Why Is Getting A Response Such A Struggle?

The most common cause for slow response times is an IT company simply not having enough techs on staff to cover the number of clients they have. Too much work and not enough people means even high-priority IT problems are left waiting for a technician to have time in their schedule to deal with.

It can also be a case of the ‘great deal’ you got on your IT support services not actually being that great. It’s not uncommon for IT companies to offer inexpensive services in order to attract clients, but low fees tend to mean low revenue. Without the ability to hire experienced technicians or provide those techs with the resources they need to be effective at their jobs, they’re left trying to make due with what they’ve got. It’s not great for the IT company, and it’s not any better for you.

What Does A Reasonable Response Time Look Like?

Guaranteed response time is something that should be outlined in your Service Level Agreement (SLA). A good managed IT provider offers a guaranteed response time of two hours or less, and consistently meets that promise.

Setton Consulting is one of those providers – we have an average resolution time of less than two hours for service tickets. Many common IT issues can be fixed remotely, which lets us get to you even faster. If we need to send someone onsite to take care of the problem, we’ll get a tech to you as quickly as we can. Issues are handled efficiently and professionally, and if for any reason the issue isn’t resolved completely the first time, we’ll get right back to work.

There is no playing phone tag. No endless voicemails or long wait times. When an IT problem lands in your lap, you can hand it off to us and get back to your day knowing that in a couple of hours, anyone impacted by that problem will be able to do the same. You can hang up your IT Manager hat and focus on the numerous other tasks in need of your attention.

Contact Setton Consulting at (833) 249-9906 and ask us about the services we offer.

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