Setton Consulting Cloud Services

Who Can Help My Business with the Cloud in New York City?

What Is the Cloud and How Can I Use it for My Business?

Some believe the Cloud is the future of business. It’s not the future; it’s here and now.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Services are computing solutions that are available to you via the internet. Be it email, communications, file storage, all you need is an internet connection.

What Cloud Solutions Does Setton Consulting Group Support?

  • Office 365
  • Virtual Machines
  • VPNs
  • Parallels Remote Application Servers
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Industry-Specific LOB Applications
  • VOIP
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Business Continuity

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With cloud services, you do not have to have your own IT infrastructure. This means less time spent dealing with IT issues. It removes the IT complexity from your business and lets you focus your time and energy on what really matters — your work.

Cloud Services are cheaper than providing your own IT infrastructure. You reduce costs by removing expensive IT hardware maintenance and upgrades. You reduce support costs by using Virtualization technology. Your essential programs can be loaded into a cloud environment, then delivered to your employees’ desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Cloud Services are billed monthly, so it becomes a predictable operating expense. Moving to the cloud and removing the IT headache means you are buying yourself back time and money every single month.

This is a common concern. Rest assured that when using Cloud Services, you are still in control. You have complete command of your data. Think of it like being a passenger in a taxi. You don’t drive the car, but you control where it goes. What’s more, you can relax while it goes there.

Cloud Services takes your data offsite, keeping it safe from fire and theft. Cloud backup solutions maintain data integrity. Security, patching, maintenance, and upgrades are all taken care of. Taking your data offsite is akin to putting your money in the bank, versus hiding it under your mattress.

Cloud Services are perfect for this. Perhaps you have a large project that increases your IT requirements temporarily. In the cloud you have scalability, so your IT resources can expand to meet this need, then scale back as required. This will make your business more agile and responsive in an ever-increasingly fast-moving world.

Your business can continue to operate as usual. The move will be carefully planned, staged, and timed according to your business needs.

Cloud Services provide continuous improvement to your IT environment at no effort to you. It means your IT will work well now and continue to work well into the future.

Why Setton Consulting?

Setton Consulting is a group of cloud specialists. We’ll enable your business to keep current with IT technology to help your business function at its best.

5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"We engaged Setton Consulting a few years ago and they
have been continuously exceeding our expectations. Our tickets
are always answered timely and they make sure to follow up to
ensure we are at ease. We couldn't be happier with SC!
Highly Recommended!"

5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"Needed some feet on the ground to support our NY office.
Setton was always there when we needed them and was very fairly
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5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"Pleasant, knowledgeable, and reliable. These guys have not
only gotten me out of jams but they keep in touch and check-in
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