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Are you looking for law firm IT support in NYC that can meet your current and future needs? Discover why law firms are turning to Setton Consulting for top-tier IT support.


Hundreds of law firms have been breached in the last few five years, but that doesn’t mean your firm has to become one of the statistics. With  IT support from a managed service provider that is familiar with your industry and its unique needs and requirements, you can not only secure your systems but also optimize them to help you save time and money and offer improved services to your clients.

Frequently Asked IT Support and Consulting Questions from New York City Law Firms

Though we at Setton Consulting are not lawyers, we do have a track record of successfully working with law firms. We are proficient in providing support for some of the leading applications for the legal world today.

Here are a few (but not all) the legal applications we currently support:

  • Amicus Attorney – Supporting the migration and processes of this organizational legal software to enhance mobility, collaboration, and improve efficiencies
  • Tabs3 – Providing support for all aspects of this leading firm management suite including cloud migration and services and legal and billing software solutions
  • Trial Works – Enriching law practice work processes through cloud applications
  • Worldox – Assisting with legal compliance by fortifying security via this storage system for law office documents and sensitive information

Our team will help you determine the best remote access option. Sometimes that’s VPN, other times it requires other remote server connectivity.  Setton will help you select the most secure and appropriate course of action, to get the access you need.

When you partner with Setton Consulting for Cloud services, you can access to comprehensive IT care addresses all of your law firm’s IT needs.

  • Managed IT Services – maintaining and monitoring your IT assets to ensure peak performance
  • Managed IT Services Plus Hardware – providing you with the complete package: IT support, computers, servers, endpoints, and firewall
  • Cybersecurity Solutions – ensuring the protection of your data and workflow
  • Cabling – working with design and implementation of your network cabling
  • VOIP Communications – providing you with modern business telephone functionality delivered over the new internet infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Services – leveraging cloud potential to save you money while giving you more flexibility and mobility
  • Networking Services – using the latest in high-level networking technology and support to keep your business running

While ransomware is a concern for many businesses today, consistent data backup and recovery offers the best protection against a potential attack. Setton Consulting employs industry-leading cybersecurity protocols that enable collaborative file sharing and sync, full image backup, and redundancy through offsite servers to ensure your data is safe and recoverable any time that you need it.

The Cloud is an extremely efficient system that is also cost-effective. Best of all, with the ease of adding and removing users as needed, your cloud assets can grow as you grow. Moving to the cloud is an initial investment that saves you money in the long run.

  • Easy access to real-time financial data
  • Improved tools for collaboration and communication
  • Mobile device support and workflow integration
  • Improved productivity
  • Regular software updates for increased security
  • Access to all versions of QuickBooks
  • Priority IT support for accounting firms during tax season
  • Remote login to computers and access to data and programs

Why Setton Consulting?

Setton Consulting is a group of Legal Experts. We’ll enable your business to keep current with IT technology to help your business function at its best. We support your line of business applications such as Trialworks, Tabs, Clio, and Worldox.  Don’t see your applications listed, just call us and more than likely we have experience installing and maintaining the application.

5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"We engaged Setton Consulting a few years ago and they
have been continuously exceeding our expectations. Our tickets
are always answered timely and they make sure to follow up to
ensure we are at ease. We couldn't be happier with SC!
Highly Recommended!"

5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"Needed some feet on the ground to support our NY office.
Setton was always there when we needed them and was very fairly
priced. I have used them for several years, and they have met all
of our needs. Recommend them highly

5 Star Rating for Setton Consulting IT Services

"Pleasant, knowledgeable, and reliable. These guys have not
only gotten me out of jams but they keep in touch and check-in
to make sure things went well. Generous with time and knowledge!"