Why Choose an IT Support Company with High-Level IT Expertise and Strategic Partnerships with Vendors?

Our Technical Expertise and Strategic Partners – What You Need to Know

New products enter the market at a rapid pace, and the ability to harness the power of these latest innovations is key to your business gaining and maintaining an edge that sets you apart from your competition. – That’s where IT specialists step into the picture and help you make executive-level decisions about your IT environment.

Why Hire a Certified IT Professional?

Not every company that claims to provide Managed IT Services has the technical expertise to help your business leverage its technology assets. With every dollar in your budget carefully accounted for, you only want to invest IT funds into a Managed IT Services team that has the knowledge and skills to maximize the latest technology offerings to reap the most benefits for your business.

  • Greater efficiency: When a problem arises, you want it solved as soon as possible. Certified IT professionals have proven their ability to efficiently address your IT challenge, resolving it swiftly and with a minimum of downtime. Certified IT professionals have the experience to easily identify problems – getting you back on target much more efficiently than their non-certified counterparts who must rely on trial and error to identify problems.
  • Less risk: To obtain certification as an IT specialist, your technician must meet certain educational requirements. Certification ensures your IT technician has taken the time to gain the knowledge and expertise to meet important industry standards. IT professionals with the right skills and experience can identify potential problems and risks better and provide appropriate solutions for you.
  • Improved cost: Staff turnover is hard on any business. Certified IT professionals have a proven track record of remaining with quality companies for a longer period of time. Managed IT Services firms that attract and retain excellent, qualified IT technicians are able to provide a higher level of continuous service to their clients.

What are Setton Consulting’s Areas of Technical Expertise?

  • Windows Servers
  • Networking Solutions
  • Cloud Computing

Who are Some of Our Strategic Partners?

We are a team that has deep roots in relationships with some of the leading vendors in the technology space today.

  • Microsoft—the technology giant involved in the licensing, manufacturing, and development of software, electronic items, computers, and services
  • Dell—a company whose primary focus is the development and sale of hardware such as computers and servers
  • HP—a purveyor and manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for the home and business sectors
  • Cisco—a company with an eye to the manufacture, development, and selling of network solutions, modern telecommunications equipment, and high technology products and services